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2013 NFL mock draft: Arizona Cardinals grab a tackle, pass on QB

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A look at the latest mock draft projection for the Cardinals at the seventh pick.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Now that the Super bowl is done and we are officially beginning the offseason, it is time to look forward to the NFL Draft in April. With the seventh pick in this years draft, the Arizona Cardinals have their choice of talented players coming out of college. The question, though, is what direction to go. Should they take a quarterback, add to the offensive line or go with a pass rusher?

The latest SB Nation projections by Matthew Fairburn have the Cardinals passing on a quarterback and instead going for improvement in the trenches.

With their pick, Fairburn projects that Arizona will take Central Michigan tackle Eric Fisher.

Another player who made waves at the Senior Bowl was Eric Fisher. While Fisher tends to struggle with the bull rush, his athleticism and technique make him a potential anchor on the left side. The Cardinals need to fix the offensive line before they worry about anything else.

Pass rusher Dion Jordan and quarterback Tyler Wilson are the picks that follow. Either one could be possibilities as well.

Is Fisher enough of an impact player with the seventh pick? He certainly is not a sexy pick. People aren't going to come to the stadium to watch him. However, with years of no top end talent on the line, maybe sexy is not the way to go this year.

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