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ROTB Roundtable: Ref's, Former Players, and Superbowl Commercials

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With Superbowl 47 coming and going, the off-season is officially here.

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As off today, there are 212 days left until the NFL season starts back up. In the meantime, the ROTB Writing Staff tackled three trending questions.

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1) With the Baltimore Ravens winning Superbowl 47, the immediate reaction from the 49ersorganization has been to blame the Referees and their calls throughout the game. Are their claims justified, or is this just post-game denial?

Alex Mann: Post Game denial. I will admit there was contact and a tug on the jersey, but there was also Offensive PI. Worst that would have happened was offsetting penalties giving the Niners a second chance. But looking back the ball appeared un-catch able.

Tyler Nickel: Honestly, I haven't heard that much complaining after the game. Whatever was said would be a bit of denial, though. I liked that there was no flags thrown in that late play where Jim Harbaugh thought there should have been a holding call due to Crabtree getting held. I thought the game was officiated fairly and I like that the refs did not alter the outcome.

Jess Root: Well, the play was a penalty by the definition of the rules...but...if you had paid attention to the rest of the game, that was simply consistent with the way the game was called. If you haven't been calling like that the rest of the game, don't do it now.

2) Anquan Boldin, a former WR for the Cardinals, had a big game in the Superbowl, as he contributed to the score by adding 6 of his own. Which former Cardinals player do you miss the most?

Alex Mann:
By far Boldin. He's the one guy (outside of Kurt) we've had the hardest time replacing. First it was Breaston, than Doucet, now Roberts and Floyd. I'm glad he's got that ring though. He deserves it.

Tyler Nickel:
I really miss Q. He was a guy that always gave it his all for the Cardinals, no matter what. He could have sat out for a really long time after he broke his jaw, but instead, he came back after two games. He was an incredible player, teammate, and person. I really miss him and would love to go back in time and veto that trade if I could.

Jess Root:
That has still got to be Kurt Warner. Boldin was unhappy here, and had se stayed and Warner been gone, he would have hated it.

3) What was your favorite Superbowl commercial? (Least favorite?)

Alex Mann:
Favorite was the Taco Bell commercial with the elderly folks. Least favorite has to be the Go Egh creepy.

Tyler Nickel:
Honestly, I didn't pay too much attention to the commercials this year. I liked the Doritos one with the dads that all start to dress up like women, including the bearded guy in the wedding dress. That was pretty funny. Kate Upton commercials are always a bonus, too.

Jess Root:
I didn't pay much attention to the commercials. I went and either made or got food during breaks. But the Hyundai commercial with the kids lifting weights and saving people from fires was pretty good.