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New Cardinals OC Harold Goodwin plans on fixing the offensive line, helping the quarterback position as well

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Goodwin believes that there is a nice foundation already here in Arizona, but there is still a long way to go for them to become an effective offensive team.


On Wednesday, the Arizona Cardinals, led by head coach Bruce Arians, officially introduced new offensive coordinator Harold Goodwin to the media and the fans during a press conference. Among the topics discussed were fixing the offense and how Goodwin plans on working with the offensive line and other positions on the team.

Outside of calling the plays, Goodwin will be taking the rest of the offensive coordinator duties. That likely means that he will help design the plays, coach the offensive players up on the plays and help decide personnel packages. One of the groups that figures to benefit the most from his experience is the corps of offensive linemen, particularly young tackles Nate Potter and Bobby Massie.

"I hope I can zero in a whole lot," Goodwin said of working with the offensive line in fixing it. "That's my passion. Coaching offense is my passion as well. I've been watching guys here recently and kind of like what I see. Obviously, there's a long way to go.

"I think there's talent there. All you need is guys who are willing to work and you can have success."

Goodwin cited Levi Brown and Potter as a couple of pieces that the offensive line can be built around and that with a couple more, it could be a great unit.

When asked about the offense and how he plans on working to fix it from being one of the worst in the league, Coach Arians interrupted Coach Goodwin to say, "there's nowhere to go but up."

"I guarantee we won't be there (last place) this year," Arians continued. "I think injuries played a big part in that. With the staff we've put together, we are extremely pleased with our teachers and we will have a group of people coaching the tight ends and offensive line.

"I'm excited with the group of guys, the teachers that we have. With Harold's leadership in front, there is going to be a high intensity level."

The presser wrapped up with, of course, questions about the quarterback position. In his new role as offensive coordinator, Goodwin knows that he will be expected to perhaps work miracles with a very shaky position on this Cardinals football team. Still, he likes what he has to work with and thinks he can mold something out of it.

"Better protection, a better running game are going to help the quarterback," Goodwin explained. "If one those guys can't step to the forefront he's (Coach Arians) going to search door number two and we'll go from there."

The Cardinals sound as if they will take an approach that Ken Whisenhunt often took in that the best players will play. No matter a person's draft status or how big their contract is, if there is someone that plays better than them, then they will sit.

"Obviously there's a long way to go because everybody can get better, including myself," Goodwin said. "I assure you that we're going to do a good job."

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