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Anquan Boldin will never wear an Arizona Cardinals uniform again, says he will retire if cut by Ravens

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Boldin tells Pro Football Talk that if the Ravens cut him, he will retire.

Larry French

After a historic Super Bowl run ending with a victory, it becomes difficult for players to see themselves playing for any other team.

Such is the case with former Cardinals wide receiver, Anquan Boldin. He was an integral piece for the Ravens as they made their way to their second Super Bowl championship. Since being traded to Baltimore, he has made it his home and found a way to stay content under new ownership and a different coaching staff than the one he disagreed with here in Arizona.

Boldin loves Baltimore so much, in fact, that he says he will retire if the Ravens cut him. He told Pro Football Talk that he will, "always be a Raven," and that he, "won't play in another uniform."

What that means is that anyone that was holding out hope that one day Boldin would become a Cardinal once again can stop wishing. He won't be coming back. Even if he never said these recent comments, the chances were slim, but these new words solidify it.

It's unlikely the Cardinals ever would have had interest in bringing him back anyhow. They have young receivers in Andre Roberts and Michael Floyd that Boldin would only take playing time away from.

So while many would like to see the Kurt Warner/Larry Fitzgerald/Anquan Boldin era recreated, two of the key pieces will, unfortunately, never be donning Cardinals uniforms again.

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