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Arizona Cardinals will make playoff in 2013, says NFL writer

Adam Schein says the hiring of Bruce Arians will pay big dividends in 2013.


The Arizona Cardinals will make the playoffs in 2013? Sounds crazy, right? They have no sure quarterback. Kevin Kolb could be good, but has yet to make it through a whole season. The other guys just were bad football players. The offensive line was awful, there was no running game and there isn't much hope looking at the roster that the offense will be significantly better.

But that doesn't stop writer Adam Schein from making the bold declaration, "Ladies and gentlemen, your 2013 Arizona Cardinals will make the playoffs."

How is this possible? He puts it all on Bruce Arians. He lauds the hiring of the 2012 Coach of the Year, who also brings Tom Moore with him.

Arians is a winner. He brings the fire, attitude, X's and O's and résumé as an offensive coordinator and reigning head coach of the year. The Indianapolis Colts' nine-win improvement last season was the third-largest turnaround in NFL history.

The Arizona Cardinals won the coaching carousel. And Arians was savvy enough to bring the highly respected Tom Moore -- one of the best offensive minds in football -- out of semi-retirement and onto his staff.

He believes that Kevin Kolb will flourish under Arians and that the defense will maintain its solid play. He touts the talent at wide receiver, how it is better than what the Colts had in 2012, offsetting the fact that they also have Andrew Luck.

Schein also applauds the front office moves to make Steve Keim the general manager and to promote Jason Licht.

It seems crazy. It is crazy.

I love the Arians hire. He was the best candidate out there. I love what he is putting together as a foundation for the team in the coaching staff. But I would not come close to say that I am certain the team is bound for the postseason. There are too many things that have to fall in to place and then there is the whole issue of playing in a very strong division.

I'm not willing to go out on that limb yet, especially when we have no idea what the roster is even going to look like yet for next season. However, it certainly is nice to finally get some publicity that is not mocking the franchise.

Let's do as Schein asks. Let's clip this article and cherish it. It is truly refreshing.

Do I believe it? Ask me in August. For now, I will simply smile at the possibility.

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