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2013 NFL Mock Draft: Geno Smith gone with 2nd pick, Cardinals take Fisher

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SB Nation's latest projections, now after the combine.


Now that the NFL Scouting Combine is complete, we have a slightly better picture (ever so slightly) of where players are going to ultimately get drafted. Dan Kadar wrote his latest projections, this time with the Combine in mind.

As such, for Arizona Cardinals fans hoping to see that Geno Smith falls to the Cards at number seven in the draft. However, Smith doesn't make it past the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Cardinals go with the popular pick -- Central Michigan tackle Eric Fisher.

The article reads:

Because none of the quarterbacks distinguished themselves in Indianapolis, it would be unwise for the Cardinals take one in the top 10. Trade down and it's another story. But with the seventh pick, Fisher is now looking like a steal. He's the left tackle they don't have, no matter what Steve Keim may have said about Nate Potter at the combine.

Matt Bar