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Kevin Kolb has support of teammates

Offensive lineman Adam Snyder tweets out some unsolicited support of the embattled quarterback.


You might be tired of hearing about the Arizona Cardinals quarterback situation. It sounds like at least one of the players on the Cardinals is also tired of talking about it. Offensive lineman Adam Snyder tweeted on Thursday how much he believes in Kevin Kolb.

Now, after a preseason of speculation that John Skelton had won over the locker room, over the course of the season and now, several teammates have spoken up in support of Kolb, considering him the guy.

With Kolb's comeback in Week 1, Adrian Wilson talked about how poetic it was. Later, it was running back Ryan Williams in a postgame interview that referred to Kolb as "their quarterback." Kerry Rhodes recently gave his support of Kolb and what the team accomplished with him at the helm in 2012.

Now, in fairness, Snyder is clearly a loyal teammate. He was very close with Alex Smith when in San Francisco, and he was very open about how he felt about him. He considers him as good a player as there is. And, naturally, teammates are always publicly supportive of other players. However, an unsolicited set of tweets like that tell you that he truly feels like this. It wasn't a question he was posed by a reporter, he just came out and wanted everyone to know that.

He is right. They have to play well enough to let him show what he can do. The offensive line play was atrocious for most of the season.

Snyder's tweets reveal a lot about himself, but it also ought to give us a glimpse into how the locker room feels. The players are behind Kolb. The question is whether he will redo his contract and whether the coaching staff is behind him.

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