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Is Adrian Wilson a candidate to one day join the Pro Football Hall of Fame?

He is just one of six players to ever join the 25-25 club and would cement his status if he reaches 30-30.

Christian Petersen

While Adrian Wilson will always be remembered as an Arizona Cardinal and will one day join the Cardinals Ring of Honor, it is astounding how little recognition he receives from the national media. Wilson has been one of the hardest hitting, most athletically gifted safeties in the NFL for over a decade, but one of the fewest talked about, probably given his relatively quiet demeanor.

When you sit down and look at his career and the numbers that come along with it, he becomes even more of an astounding specimen. Last season, A-Dub became just the sixth player ever to join the 25-25 club after recording a sack against the Detroit Lions. But his goals don't stop there.

Ray Lewis and Rodney Harrison are the only two players currently apart of the 30-30 club, a milestone that Adrian Wilson has stated he would like to reach. Depending on how much longer he plays and the team he goes to, it is completely feasible to see him there. Wilson currently has 27 interceptions and 25 1/2 sacks on his resume. If he joins a contender with an already stellar defense, those numbers could continue to climb.

As it stands now, Wilson would probably not be a first ballot selection (much like Aeneas Williams, another former Cardinals defensive back), but he would have to receive some recognition. He was a key cog on the defensive side of the ball that helped get the Cardinals to the Super Bowl in 2008-09. But because those teams were very offensive oriented with Kurt Warner, Larry Fitzgerald, Anquan Boldin and Edgerrin James receiving the attention, Wilson's accomplishments often went to the wayside.

I personally think that Wilson has to get into the Pro Football Hall of Fame someday. His 5-time Pro Bowl selections and 4 times being an All-Pro mean that he has been at the top of the league for a long time and better than most players at his position. He would become just the second safety and third defensive back to join the Hall of Fame as a member of the Cardinals, following Roger Wehrli and Larry Wilson. Adrian Wilson's numbers were not quite on par with Wehrli's and Larry Wilson's, but his accomplishments with the Cardinals cannot be downplayed.

What do you think? Will Adrian Wilson one day be selected to join the best of the best in the Pro Football Hall of Fame? Tell us in the comments section below.