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NFL Free Agency 2013: Cleveland Browns interested in Quentin Groves, Greg Toler

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With Ray Horton with the Browns, Cleveland would like to add players he has coached.


With free agency set to begin for real on Tuesday, the fun will begin. The Arizona Cardinals have some players that are no longer under contract, which means the team risks saying goodbye to them. Two of such players could be linebacker Quentin Groves and cornerback Greg Toler.

The Cleveland Browns, who now have Ray Horton as their defensive coordinator, have reported interest in Groves and also in Toler.

Toler has been in talks with the Cardinals about re-signing with the team. There has been no report about Groves coming back. He had an impact for the first time in his NFL career, logging four sacks when his career total before 2012 was 2.5.

Toler is getting a bit of attention. His name can be found among the top free agents available. He has also already been mentioned as a target of the Washington Redskins and also a good match for the New York Giants.

If the Cardinals don't get something done today, they might not get a chance to get him back.

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