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Percy Harvin, Anquan Boldin trades changing NFC West, but Arizona Cardinals can't worry about that

Two 2012 playoff teams with very good defenses now bolstering their offenses.


Arizona Cardinals fans have to be worried. The best are getting better, at least on paper, in the NFC West. The Seattle Seahawks traded for receiver Percy Harvin for at least this year's first round draft pick, while the San Francisco 49ers managed to land former Cardinals receiver Anquan Boldin for only a sixth round pick.

The NFL world was abuzz with the trades, considering two of the league better teams and playing in a very competitive division both landed great offensive weapons to improve their offensive attacks. Both San Francsico and Seattle already have great defenses and young quarterback who not only have crazy upside, but also have already performed well early in their careers, but now they have more talent.

What does this mean for the Cardinals? Clearly it makes their road to respectability a little more difficult.

However, there is one thing to consider. If you are running a team, you can't worry about what the other teams are doing. The second you start making moves for your team based on another, you have lost.

If you are Steve Keim, you need to focus on your plan to build your team. Don't let what other teams do to change your plan.

Now, yes, on paper, the division is tougher. But it is early. The draft is still over a month away and free agency still hasn't even started. It is hardly time to go crazy.

Some fans are worried that the division is adding players while the Cards are cutting players. Why? The team was bad and not in a flexible situation with the salary cap. If you just keep all the same players, you still likely have a bad team. The Cards can't add or upgrade without removing some players.

Plus, it is a new coaching staff. They want their personnel.

It is time to breathe, Cardinals fans. We love to react strongly to things, but now is not the time to say the season is lost.

The Cardinals don't really need help at wide receiver. They already have Larry Fitzgerald, Andre Roberts and Michael Floyd. as for defending these new receiver, the team was already planning on improving the secondary. They wanted to do that without any of the trades happening.

Again, if you are making moves based on what other teams are doing, you should not be running a team. Make moves you make because of what your team needs. The team plays 16 games, not two or four. You can't worry about what a specific team is doing.

Plus, we have no idea how these new players will fit on their team. We don't know what other players will get hurt or struggle. That happens. We think that Colin Kaepernick and Russell Wilson will be great, but regression happens a lot.

We have to wait and see.

The moral of the story? Fans can go crazy, but we shouldn't expect a GM to a coach to make knee jerk moves based on what someone else is doing.

Yes, the Niners and the Seahawks made a couple of nice moves. But the Cardinals are not doomed. There is time and there is actual football to be played. If the team does improve like it hopes to be able to, this will be a fun year to watch the NFC West.

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