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Beanie Wells reacts to being cut by Arizona Cardinals

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He believes, despite injuries, he has a solid career looking ahead.


The Arizona Cardinals have cut ties with oft-injured running back Beanie Wells. The former 2009 first round pick that had all the potential of a game changing runner struggled with injuries and, towards the end if the season, found himself in the coaching staff's doghouse for fumbling in the end zone without an opposing player making contact with him and then making comments about auditioning for other teams.

He had a very forgettable 2012, gaining only 234 on 88 carries (a 2.7 yard average) and played in only eight games.

He was gracious when he tweeted to announce his release.

However, comments afterward to reporter Kent Somers revealed a little more, which Somers shared via Twitter.

Wells was expecting the release. "We kind of knew it was going to happen for a few weeks, no?" he stated to Somers. "I'm excited for a new opportunity."

He seemed unworried about his reputation of being injury prone. He told Somers, "I'm only 24. The injuries will get rectified. I'll continue to enjoy what I do."

Perhaps the biggest revelation was what he said next. He said, about possibly playing in Arizona again, "Once you put into your mind that it's a foregone conclusion, I don't know mentally if you can give it all."

What exactly does that mean? It sounds like he gave up at the end of the season. That is interesting. You could kind of see it. But why say that now? The new coaching staff gave you the chance to start over. At the same time, he had to know that the general fan base had grown tired of him not living up to what could have been.

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