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NFL Free Agency 2013: LaRod Stephens-Howling appears to be leaving Arizona Cardinals

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After not much in the way of talks, a report comes out that he was offered a contract.

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Karl Walter

The offseason continues to change for the Arizona Cardinals player personnel. It appears that running back and kick returner LaRod Stephens-Howling will not be returning to the Cardinals and will hit the open market in free agency, according to Arizona Republic reporter Kent Somers.

According to Somers' report, "the Cardinals made Stephens-Howling an offer last week, but it wasn't close to what Stephens-Howling was seeking."

It is not surprising he is not returning. Bruce Arians has made comments about the running back position that seemed to not include the former seventh rounder.

He will have value on the market, although it likely come in the first few days of free agency. However, I have been pretty adamant about this, I think that he will be a great value pickup for some team in the league.

He is a very good kick returner, but that position has been devalued greatly. Beyond that, he is fast and elusive, and he can catch the football. If you get him behind an offensive line that can give him even a little hole, you would see him thrive in the running game.

There are big changes coming in the backfield for the Cardinals. They have let LSH go and cut Beanie Wells. They have interest in Reggie Bush, and appear ready to ride Ryan Williams.

As tough as it is to see players go that we like, when the running game has been as bad as it has been, you have to expect big changes when there is a new staff.

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