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2013 NFL Mock Draft: Mel Kiper says Geno Smith for Cardinals

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Another week, another mock and another pick of Geno Smith for the Arizona Cardinals


With free agency beginning today, mock drafts are starting to take a different shape. However, according to ESPN's Mel Kiper, the pick is still going to be a quarterback for the Arizona Cardinals. In his mock 3.0, he has the quarterback starved Cardinals taking the best quarterback of the draft -- West Virginia's Geno Smith.

He notes that the Cards have Brian Hoyer as an insurance policy, but that the lack of anyone in free agency with more potential now and later in free agency necessitates a pick that is considered by many a reach at number seven. He does not, though, think it is a sure thing that the Cards go with Smith. He thinks either in the first or second round the Cards will go with a QB.

Here is the pick analysis he gives:

What stands out with Smith is his ball placement -- he can be extremely accurate when he's making the right reads, something he did often in 2012. Arm strength is good, not elite, and you can certainly contend that any good QB might put up good numbers in the system he was in, and with the receivers he had. It's not a great value on my board, but it's a major need pick. Smith's pro day is Thursday, and you can be certain the Cardinals will be present.

Some analysts question Smith's accuracy. Kiper raves about it, as long as he is making the correct read. However, Bruce Arians has a quarterback friendly system and the team does already have good receivers, so if you are using Kiper's reasoning here, you have to think that he has a good chance for success in Arizona.

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