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2013 NFL Mock Draft: Do the Arizona Cardinals go QB or OL with 1st pick?

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In the latest SB Nation projections, the question we all have posed is addressed.


Should the Arizona Cardinals draft an offensive lineman or a quarterback with their first pick in the 2013 NFL Draft this April? This is what fans, media and analysts ask, especially with the Cardinals needing to upgrade both.

So which is more important, a quarterback or an offensive tackle?

In Dan Kadar's latest mock draft for SB Nation, he says that quarterback is and projects West Virginia's Geno Smith to Arizona.

While Kadar says Smith is the pick, he offers offensive tackle Lane Johnson as an alternate. This is what he says about the Smith pick, though.

Which is more important to an offense, a left tackle or a quarterback? That's the issue the Cardinals will face in the first round. For now, we say Smith if he's available. Unless the Cardinals decide they want to roll with Kevin Kolb, or they like Matt Barkley of Southern California, this is probably the first round ceiling for Smith.

Luke Joeckel and Eric Fisher both are off the board in these projections. Which would you rather have the Cardinals do? Take the top quarterback in Smith, or go with the third best tackle in Johnson?

If you think Smith can be a quality starter, you have to take him.

But you can certainly disagree. Tell us about it.

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