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NFL free agency 2013: Where will Beanie Wells play next?

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After being cut by the Arizona Cardinals, Beanie Wells is on the hunt for a new home.


Unlike Adrian Wilson, who could very well retire if he doesn't find an ideal landing spot, we know that Beanie Wells is going to play in the NFL again. The Cardinals decided to cut Wells on Monday and are now in serious need of another RB that will be added via free agency and/or the NFL Draft.

Wells isn't going to land an overly lucrative contract with whatever teams he joins, but there will undoubtedly be a team or two interested in bringing him on. His major issue has always been in regards to his proneness to injury, which is something teams do not have to worry about if he is brought in on a short deal with little guaranteed money.

So which teams could give Beanie a shot now that his days in the desert are done? Well, the Pittsburgh Steelers make sense. In fact, Wells sent out a very interesting tweet on Monday afternoon. (Note: Beanie later deleted the tweet, but I caught it before he did. Embedded is his tweet in quotes with my reaction).

The fit would make sense for Pittsburgh. Rashard Mendenhall will not be back and the team could use another running back alongside Jonathan Dwyer and Isaac Redman. If they can keep Beanie healthy, he might be a nice bruising back to add to their corps.

The Cincinnati Bengals may be a place he could land as well. Their current starting running back is BenJarvus Green-Ellis, but behind him there is little depth. With Wells and the 'Law Firm' in their backfield, the Bengals could have a nice complimentary run game to their vertical game featuring A.J. Green and Andy Dalton. Throw in the fact that Wells is from Ohio and the fit makes some sense.

The Miami Dolphins may be a team that takes a look as well. They likely will not be re-signing Reggie Bush, leaving them with Lamar Miller and Marcus Thigpen as their sole running backs. Miller may not be ready for the premier role, so Wells could come in as a stopgap.

Lastly, how about the Green Bay Packers? They are in dire need of a feature back and Wells, when healthy, has shown flashes of being able to be that guy. The Pack has James Starks and Ahmad Green, but neither of them have the talent Beanie does when he is able to turn it on.

What do you think? Where will Beanie end up? Tell us in the comments section below.