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NFL Free Agency: A profile of Jerraud Powers

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The Arizona Cardinals are targeting the former Colt. Who is he?

Jonathan Daniel

One of the free agents that the Arizona Cardinals are targeting is Indianapolis Colts free agent cornerback Jerraud Powers. Some of you may wonder who he is. Here is some info.

He was drafted in 2009 in the third round out of Auburn.

In four seasons, he has started 42 games, all that he has played in. He has picked off six passes and made 210 tackles.

He has, though, been injured a lot. He has never played more than 12 games in a season. He finished each of the last three season on injured reserve with different problems. One year it was an arm, another year an elbow and yet another was a toe.

A scouting report written before the 2012 season says this:

Powers is a slightly undersized cornerback with above-average top-end speed but excellent foot agility, quickness and body control. He has been struggling with his durability as he has missed at least four games in each of his three years. He can extend the cushion with foot quickness and is quick to flip his hips to turn and run with receivers, but can struggle when he needs to turn on the jets to catch up from behind. He is more than just a willing tackler but lacks the size and bulk to be a heavy hitter.

Pro Football Focus has him with a net negative rating. His coverage stats compiled by PFF say that he was targeted 60 times, gave up 39 catches for 482 yards, four touchdowns and he deflected eight balls. QBs had a rating of 105.0 throwing at Powers.

However, by what the "word" is, he is a solid player when healthy.

If he is signed by the Cardinals, it is unknown how much money he will command.

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