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NFL Free Agency 2013: Arizona Cardinals lose Quentin Groves to Cleveland Browns

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Groves follows defensive coordinator Ray Horton.


The Arizona Cardinals have lost another free agent on the second day of the new league year. After being considered a huge bust in the league, linebacker Quentin Groves was targeted by a few teams and has landed with the Cleveland Browns.

According to Cleveland Plain Dealer reporter Mary Kay Cabot, Groves signed a two-year $2.8 million deal.

He joins defensive coordinator Ray Horton, who coached with the Cardinals in 2012. Groves, who had not had a sack since 2008, logged four with the Cardinals in 2012.

The signing leaves the Cardinals thin at linebacker overall. Paris Lenon is a free agent and they team cut Stewart Bradley. Now they lose Groves, leaving Sam Acho, O'Brien Schofield (recovering from surgery) and Zack Nash at OLB. Daryl Washington and Reggie Walker are on the roster at ILB, although walker can play outside as well.

Outside of the re-signing of safety Rashad Johnson, the Cardinals have yet to land someone in free agency. With the loss of Grove, there is now another position to worry about.

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