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Reggie Bush no longer in play for the Arizona Cardinals

FA RB Reggie Bush runs towards the Detroit Lions and a 4 year deal

Stephen Chernin

Reggie Bush, one of the top tier FA RBs appeared to be on the Cardinal's radar, but that radar blip has been cloaked, thanks to a strong push from the Detroit Lions to snag the back.

Bush, once a highly touted top draft pick from USC came into the league as a scat back type player, adept at catching out of the backfield and making people miss in open space. In this way he sounds a lot like LaRod Stephens-Howling, whom HC Arians has devalued in such a role.

After moving on from the New Orleans Saints to the Miami Dolphins, Bush showed ability to make tough runs between the tackles, and averaged over a thousand yards in his two seasons with the Dolphins. But while he did work between the tackles, he did most of his work receiving from the backfield and utilizing those open space mismatches.

And now he heads off to Detroit, who offered him a four year deal and the opportunity to start, replacing Mikel Leshoure as the feature back. Financial terms have not been made public.

What do you think Birdgang nation? Did we miss out on a coveted back in FA, or are you glad that the Lions took him off the board?