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NFL free agency 2013: Former Cardinals LB Stewart Bradley signs with Broncos

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John Elway and the Broncos decided to bring former Cardinals LB Stewart Bradley in on a one-year deal.


After being released by the Arizona Cardinals just two weeks ago, linebacker Stewart Bradley has already found a new home. Broncos Executive Vice President John Elway announced on Twitter that Denver has signed Bradley to a one-year deal. The terms have not been disclosed.

A one-year deal, as is the case with most players when they sign such a short term contract, signals that the Broncos want Bradley to show them that he has the ability to be a good player. It also allows Bradley to enter free agency again next year and if his stock improves, he can negotiate for more money.

With the move to Denver, Bradley gets to go back to the 4-3 defense, which is the system he played and thrived in while in Philadelphia with the Eagles. With the Cardinals, he never seemed to get a good grasp on his responsibilities as a 3-4 inside linebacker, which ultimately led to his release.

In all, this is a good signing for the Denver Broncos. They get a player that was highly regarded just two offseasons ago and they get him for cheap.

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