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NFL free agency 2013: Arizona Cardinals will finalize contract with Josh Cribbs

Cribbs will be bringing his special teams talents to the desert.


The Arizona Cardinals, after signing five players on Wednesday afternoon, made one more minor splash on the same night, signing a deal with Joshua Cribbs for him to be their new return specialist. Per the Cleveland Plain Dealer:

Cribbs and the Cards still have a few minor details to work out, but the deal is expected to be finalized by Thursday morning. Details of the signing have not yet been made available.

With the signing of Cribbs comes the end of the LaRod Stephens-Howling era in Arizona. Cribbs will likely take over duties as the kickoff returner and possibly the punt returner as well, especially if the Cardinals decide Patrick Peterson is too valuable of an asset to keep playing special teams. Cribbs also provides value as a versatile weapon in that he can take snaps at the Wildcat and be a speedy receiver on the outside to stretch defenses.

Cribbs tweeted this out on Wednesday night as well, signaling that he has moved on from the Browns.

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