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2013 NFL Draft: Arizona Cardinals feigning interest in Geno Smith?

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Are the Cards interested in the top QB prospect in this draft class or not?


With the signing of Drew Stanton comes more questions than answers. Kevin Kolb is a prime candidate for release, which could pave the way for either Stanton or Brian Hoyer to start for the Cardinals this season, but it could also mean that they look to bring in a young talent.

Many feel that Geno Smith, a QB prospect out of West Virginia University, would be the perfect fit. He could be still on the board by the time the Cardinals pick at 7th overall, making him the selection. It has not been reported whether the Cards have valid interest in him or not, but there was an odd occurrence at the WVU Pro Day.

According to many outlets, the Cardinals were not even represented at his workout session.

There are also conflicting reports that they did have scouts at the WVU Pro Day, but it does not sound as if any major personnel was present.

Either way, we will know eventually whether the Cards are interested in Geno. If they are, then they will have him fly to Arizona for private workout sessions before they even think about drafting him. If not, then they won't. It's really that simple.

My personal belief is that the Cardinals could be feigning interest in Geno so as to not get duped into having to trade up to grab him. Ian Rapoport of wouldn't agree with my guess, but then again, we are both guessing.

What do you think? Do the Cards have interest in Geno or not? Tell us in the comments section below.