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2013 NFL Draft: Cardinals not considering a QB in the first round?

Has Geno Smith already been taken out of the picture?

Leon Halip

Quarterback, quarterback, quarterback.

That is the position on everyone's mind right now after the Cardinals signed Drew Stanton and are presumably set to release Kevin Kolb. Things could change between now and 1 PM Saturday (when Kolb's $2 million bonus is due), but it appears that the Cardinals may look to someone else to be their starting QB next season.

So, who might that be? Well, both Stanton and Brian Hoyer are options. They are each capable veterans that don't really do anything to 'wow' you, but they can make some plays happen and could be stopgaps to a talented rookie. Or the Cardinals could get that talented rookie in the upcoming draft.

If they decide to go the latter route, the young signal caller might not come in the early round. Ian Rapoport of believes that the team will have a competition between Stanton, Hoyer and either John Skelton or Ryan Lindley.

Rapoport may have sources within the Cardinals organization telling him this, but I honestly believe it is a bit too early to make this sort of call. The Cardinals could easily change their mind after a private workout with someone like Geno Smith, Mike Glennon or Matt Barkley and decide to take them with the 7th overall pick.

I personally do not believe we will see either Skelton or Lindley on the roster this season. Neither proved promising in their time starting last year and I believe the new coaching regime will opt to cut their losses with them.

What do you think? Will Hoyer, Stanton or Lindley/Skelton be the starting QB week one? Or will it be a rookie from the draft? Tell us in the comments section below.