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Kevin Kolb rejected contract restructuring with the Arizona, will reportedly be released

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The door is still open for his return, though.


Today is the big day for Kevin Kolb. If on the roster after 1PM today Arizona time, he will be due a $2 million bonus. It has long been said that the team wanted to address that contract and have him take a pay cut According to Adam Caplan, Kolb and the Cardinals could not agree to terms on a restructured deal and he will be released today. However, the door is reportly still open for his return, should e want to come back.

Tweeted Caplan,

He called it "interesting" that the team still would like him back, stating "it was assumed that they didn't want him back." He tweeted that "clearly the situation is not over."

However, it was not without trying.

If I had to guess, Kolb knew that he would be able to get reasonable starter money somewhere, so he wanted to be paid accordingly. Perhaps instead of a pay cut, he was willing to change the money around.

However, it appears inevitable that Kolb will now be released, which makes sense. They tendered Brian Hoyer. They signed Drew Stanton. They still have John Skelton and Ryan Lindley, and many believe that the Cardinals will draft a quarterback.

With the pending release, it could point to the signing of another free agent.

Cards fans, are you happy? Relieved? Excited? Disappointed?

Tell us about it.

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