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Kevin Kolb released: Where will he end up next?

A look at where Kolb could land now that he has


The Arizona Cardinals have officially released quarterback Kevin Kolb, saving the team $11.5 million in actual salary this year and $7.5 million in salary cap space. Although it was reported that the Cardinals wanted him back, they have cut ties with him because he was unwilling to accept the contract restructures that they offered.

The question is now, what is next for Kevin Kolb?

His career is not over by any means. In fact, he has some possibilities, even with a chance of starting.

To start off, let us consider that he does not get a contract offer that matches what the Cardinals were hoping to pay him. He could come back and battle both newly signed Drew Stanton and Brian Hoyer for the starting job.

But what are hos other possibilities?

With the Browns, Bills and Jets, there is a legitimate shot at starting. He has been connected with the New York Jets already because of the relationship he has with Marty Morhinweg. He would know the offensive system. In Cleveland, the talent level is less and defensive coordinator Ray Horton, previously in Arizona, has been on the record stating that a team can win with Kevin Kolb, being that the Cardinals did win with Kevin Kolb last season.

Buffalo cut loose Ryan Fitzpatrick, so the starting job is wide open.

As for the other teams noted by Caplan, perhaps the most intriguing spot to me is San Francisco. The 49ers have hitched their wagon to Colin Kaepernick. But with limited experience and being a quarterback that does run, who knows how long that success will continue and if he would stay healthy?

Imagine if Kaepernick got hurt. Kolb would be playing behind the same line that Alex Smith look like one of the best quarterbacks in the league. Would Kolb do just as well?

What about backing up Jay Cutler, Matt Ryan, Eli Manning or Sam Bradford?

Where do you think he will end up?

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