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NFL Free Agency 2013: Adrian Wilson to visit with New England Patriots

The longtime Cardinal safety may land with the Patriots


After being cut by the Arizona Cardinals after a great 12-year run. safety Adrian Wilson now is looking for a new team. The first team connected to Wilson is the New England Patriots, who are reportedly set to host Wilson. According to Ian Rapaport on Thursday, Wilson was set to go see the Patriots. It was not stated when the visit would take place.

Wilson has said that no matter where he lands, he will always be a Cardinal at heart. He has also said he would prefer to stay on the West Coast because he is not moving his family from Arizona.

However, playing in New England would give him a real shot at winning a championship. The team is looking for safety help and Wilson believes he has about three years left.

Some readers already have begun to speculate where Wilson could go. New England has been the first team mentioned in each.

I know most hope that he can get a championship. Would you be okay if it is with the Patriots?

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