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ROTB Roundtable: Released Players, Front Office, and FA Targets

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It's been an exciting last few days for the Arizona Cardinals.


And with new acquisitions and releases, comes questions. The ROTB Writing Staff takes their swing at answering two of these.

Don't forget to answer the questions yourself in the comments below!

1) Do you agree with the releases of Adrian Wilson and Beanie Wells?

Tyler Nickel: Yes, I do. It was time for Adrian Wilson to go, as his play declined pretty rapidly last season. As for Wells, he just never panned out to be that bruising runner the Cardinals were searching for. While it was sad to see A-Dub go, it was simply the best thing to do for the Cardinals. Beanie can be easily replaced given his minimal levels of production.

Randy Fields: Wells yes, Wilson no. It may be because I'm an uneducated fan but I never saw the drop of ability from AW that caused him to be benched. Though sometimes I wonder if he should have switched to inside linebacker.

Cdeveau: Do you agree with the releases of Adrian Wilson and Beanie Wells? Wells, yes. He played himself out of Arizona, and can't remain healthy. A-dub. NFL is a business. That being said, sometims you have to look at the intangibles a player brings to the table. Wilson had those intangibles. It happened though, so no crying over already spilled milk.

Jess Root: I understand, but I hate that Wilson is gone. He is obviously slipping, but that doesn't mean he's done. Beanie? Reports coming out of Pittsburgh are that his knee is an issue. So...yeah. Good move.

2) Are you content with what the Cardinals Front Office has done so far?
(This question was answered before the team made the majority of their moves on Day 2 and so on. Because of that, their questions are outdated and have been cut out. Feel free to answer this question in the comments below, with the knowledge of what the team has done up till now.)

3) Are there any players you'd like the team to target?

Tyler Nickel: For free agency, I think the Cardinals MUST sign another cornerback at this point. They are going to visit with Jerraud Powers, which would potentially be a good signing if he can stay healthy.Sean Smith is another intriguing name, as is Nnamdi Asomugha if put in the right situation. I don't think they need to sign a big name running back, as they can always get one in the late rounds of the draft.Jake Scott is an intriguing name to possibly bring on board at right guard. An inside linebacker and/or safety might help, too.

Randy Fields: The safety from the Rams who was released and Rey Maualuga. I'm glad he's on the way to Az. He'll be a great upgrade to Lennon. And Pollard who was just released by the Ravens. He's a great Strong Safety.

Cdeveau: I was hoping the Cards would look at Chris Ivory for RB purposes. Pollard at S works well, and Ray Mauluga could be the piece to stick next to D-Wash.

Jess Root: At this point, there is not much to do. They aren't looking for big names. They are trying to build with youth, so they mostly got younger guys and guys trying to prove themselves.