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O'Brien Schofield says ankle is doing well, praises fans

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Whitney Curtis

In the shuffle of new players signed in free agency, we might forget about some players. The team has cut several players and signed a gaggle of new ones. There is one young player that does not want the fans to forget about him.

Linebacker O'Brien Schofield suffered a season-ending ankle injury in Week 9. Worried about that ankle now? Schofield says you shouldn't be.

This next season is a big one for Schofield. He was drafted with an injury. He suffered a shoulder injury his rookie year. He had his 2012 season end prematurely with his ankle. With a new coaching staff that didn't draft him, he needs to stay on the field and be productive. They just signed a player in Lorenzo Alexander that can play all over the field and could possibly start, meaning he will either take the spot that Schofield plays or Sam Acho's.

Will this be Schofield's breakout year?

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