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Who will be the Arizona Cardinals' #2 cornerback?

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With the recent signings of Antoine Cason and Jerraud Powers, which player figures to start across from Patrick Peterson?

Andy Lyons

The Arizona Cardinals have now signed two talented cornerbacks during the free agency period. The first one was Jerraud Powers, the soon-to-be 26-year-old from the Indianapolis Colts. Powers has struggled with injuries in the past, but there is no denying he has the talent to be an effective player.

The second corner they signed was Antoine Cason from the San Diego Chargers. The former Arizona Wildcats player struggled a bit last season, but could see a renaissance back at his old home under his old position coach, Kevin Ross.

So out of the two, which one figures to be the #2 guy across from Patrick Peterson? Well, if we judge solely off the production from the 2012 season, the signs would point to Powers. He worked directly with Bruce Arians last year while Arians was the interim coach of the Colts and had a decent season before placed on IR with a toe injury. Powers primarily plays at the RCB position, which will allow Peterson to stay at LCB.

The coaching staff may want to see what they have out of Cason more, since he is only on a one-year deal. Powers inked a three-year deal with the team. Cason is also three inches taller than Powers, which could lend to better coverage on the bigger wide receivers in the NFC West. Powers could then shift to the nickel position where he could use his speed to cover slot receivers on the inside.

It will all inevitably come down to training camp and how each of these players impress Coach Arians, but in the end, I think the #2 starter will be Jerraud Powers to start the year. Cason is coming off a season where he struggled in coverage and was demoted in favor of Marcus Gilchrist for a few games. Powers also has the knowledge of what Arians is going to look for in his corners and how practices are run, giving him a leg up on the competition.

Also, I think there is a reason why the Chargers were so willing to let Cason go, but wanted to sign Powers to replace him before the Cardinals did.

What do you think? Who will be the #2 corner by the time the season starts? Powers or Cason? Tell us in the comments section below.