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NFL Free Agent Grades: Arizona Cardinals get decent value in signings

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The signings of Rashard Mendenhall and Yeremiah Bell are seen as good value by PFF.

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Jamie Squire

The Arizona Cardinals have signed several players this offseason, although none of them are big names. However, according to Pro Football Focus, two of those deals are signings of value.

Rashard Mendenhall's and Yeremiah Bell's contracts are seen as positive and the signing of Jerraud Powers is at worst a later move.

Both Mendenhall's and Bell's deals were rated as +0.5, meaning "common sense shines through."

The deal has the potential to be huge for both. If Mendenhall looks like he did before his knee injury, the Cards get a great runner and he will get to cash in in a year.

With the one-year deal with Mendenhall, PFF writes that the contract is "a move that works for both parties." Bell's salary is what gives great value. "They've essentially kept the on field production they saw from Adrian Wilson in 2012 and got a whole lot cheaper in the process," described PFF.

The deal with Powers is a net nothing, a lateral move. PFF says he "has developed into a solid (and nothing more) NFL cornerback." The deal "makes sense" because he started for Bruce Arians in Indianapolis.

They make no mention of the deals with Antoine Cason, Lorenzo Alexander, Drew Stanton or Jasper Brinkley.

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