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NFL free agency 2013: What other positions do the Cardinals need to address?

The Cardinals have made plenty of signings in free agency, but there is still much work to do.

Rich Schultz

The Cardinals have already made plenty of signings in free agency, but something tells me they are not done. While the draft will be able to cover many of their empty bases, getting some more veteran talent on the team would not hurt. If they keep the contracts respectable and short-term, they should be able to sign a few more players.

So far, they have added two cornerbacks, a quarterback, an outside linebacker, a safety, a running back, a defensive end and an inside linebacker. Rumor has it that they are still looking to add Joshua Cribbs, a wide receiver and return specialist. But what other positions could they use help at?

The glaring one is offensive line. Perhaps the weakest position on the team (outside of quarterback) still needs to be addressed. The Cardinals will likely add a couple of rookies in the draft to help bolster their line, but I would not be surprised if they brought in a backup interior lineman for depth. We saw last season how important offensive line depth can become.

If Cribbs isn't signed, the Cards could go after a wide receiver as well. The team tends to carry 4-5 wideouts on their 53-man roster, so when accounting for Larry Fitzgerald, Andre Roberts, Michael Floyd and LaRon Byrd, the team still stands to add one more. Cribbs or someone else could be that guy.

Another safety will be needed as well. The team now has Rashad Johnson, Yeremiah Bell and Justin Bethel under contract, but will likely opt to bring in somebody else as well. James Sanders, who was on the team last season, could be an option there.

Arizona has to be careful as to how they spend their money because they are nearing the cap now, even after cutting Kevin Kolb. They still need to save around $6 million for rookie contracts and will likely seek minimum veteran deals on the free agent market.

What do you think? What positions need to be filled the most? The Cards could be done in free agency, but I just don't think they are.