The Arians era....More of the same? That wouldn't be good at all!

I am not going to go all negative Nancy here. I am glad the Cardinals got rid of Whisenhunt. I firmly believe he over achieved due to Kurt Warner's influence. Well? He did give him a shot though. So now onto bigger and better things. Yes? We all certainly hope so! This is the beginnings of the Arians vision for the Team. We know little too nothing at this point. After all? Results are what matters most. Yes?

On a larger level though? This is about the Bidwills as much as it is Bruce Arians. Us locals have seen a plethora of Coaches. Each with their own unique style and philosophy. One common theme has been present through it all though. LOSING!! Not one Head Coach for this Franchise has had an above .500 winning percentage. A pretty strong indictment wouldn't you say?

Whether it was being cheap or not caring I really don't know. The fact is? The results have been putrid. One would start to doubt the Football Wisdom of a Franchise with our history. Who could blame them? Which brings me too the present. I want to believe that Bruce Arians will be a difference maker. But history is not on his side. Also? I have other lingering questions about Coaches who come here.

Do the Coaches that come here feel no pressure too succeed? Is this just a nice NFL gig for A person who is getting a big paycheck? I thought Whisenhunt started to believe given our history? He was untouchable! After all? He made it too a SB. And the Arizona Cardinals had no business playing on such a stage. Right? Maybe my insecurities are warranted. Maybe my doubts are not. Tim will tell.

Part of me is excited. Part of me says: "This is going to be the Same ole,Same ole" Yeah Card brethren. You know of what I speak. I hope I am wrong to be sure. "I think a mistake was made regarding the QB issue". So my excitement has now turned to scepticism. Count me among the cautiously optimistic. After all? I have said this before. "We all know who still owns the Team". Here's hoping Bruce Arians is not just another sub .500 Coach when all is said and done. "Hope Springs Eternal" I guess?

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