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2013 NFL Draft order: Arizona Cardinals get no compensatory picks, but NFC West gets a few

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Now with 7 picks, the Cardinals trail everyone in the division.

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL awarded the 32 compensatory picks they do each year based on free agent losses the previous year. As expected, the Arizona Cardinals received none. Last offseason, they lost Richard Marshall, Sean Considine and Deuce Lutui. They signed Adam Snyder, James Sanders, William Gay and Quentin Groves.

However, the San Francisco 49ers picked up three compensatory picks and the Seattle Seahawks were awarded two.

That gives the Niners 14 picks in the draft (having traded one away to the Ravens for Anquan Boldin), Seattle 10. the Rams eight (with two first rounders) and the Cardinals seven.

Arizona has no seventh round pick. They have two in in the sixth round.

Here are the picks that the Cardinals have.

  • Round 1, Pick 7
  • Round 2, Pick 38
  • Round 3, Pick 69
  • Round 4, Pick 103
  • Round 5, Pick 140
  • Round 6, Pick 174
  • Round 6, Pick 176 (originally the Titans' pick, received in trade with Vikings)
The sad part of the draft? The two best teams in the division have a total of 24 picks. That means they are in a great position to just keep being good and improve. Arizona has to hit with more of their picks.

Looking ahead to next year, it would appear that the Cards will not get compensatory picks again. They have signed seven unrestricted free agents. They have lost Greg Toler and Quentin Groves so far. The ones that have signed with other teams that were cut (Adrian Wilson, William Gay) are not counted when considering compensatory picks.

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