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Drew Stanton to start at QB for the Arizona Cardinals...maybe

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Head coach Bruce Arians to let what happens "on the grass" determine things

Doug Pensinger

Arizona Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians was asked on NFL Network if his starting quarterback was already on the roster. The answer he gave was typical coachspeak, saying almost nothing, but you get the impression that Stanton is going to be the guy.

Darren Urban, on, noted the quotes. "No job is won until we get on the grass," Arians said in general, refering to the group of free agents that came in. As for Stanton, he was fairly direct.

"Yes, we have a very capable one in Drew Stanton," Arians said. "Drew knows the offense, he is more than capable of doing it. If he is our guy, I am comfortable."

Stanton definitely has the leg up. Brian Hoyer has one career start. He has bounced from the Patriots to the Steelers to the Cardinals. John Skelton and Ryan Lindley have all but been forgotten for now. The team is expected to draft a quarterback in the upcoming draft.

Of course, the caveat is "if he is our guy." he was clearly brought in to be the guy, but it leaves room to change things.

As for the other positions, there was the quote that Arians had about starting Lorenzo Alexander at outside linebacker. I did not take that to mean that he would start. I took it to mean that they are going to have him play outside to start, even though he can play multiple positions.

By the way, as a teaser, Seth Cox has written a great piece on Stanton. I'll share that tomorrow I believe. He believes that he just might be the long term answer.

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