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NFL Draft 2013: Geno Smith a good option for the Arizona Cardinals

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SB Nation writer Dan Kadar suggests West Virginia quarterback Geno Smith as a good fit with the Arizona Cardinals.

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One of the things we are going to discuss a ton over the coming weeks is the NFL Draft. More specifically, who will the Cardinals select with the 7th overall pick this year? We know that they need help along the offensive line, inside linebacker, outside linebacker, running back and of course, quarterback.

More often than not, that franchise signal caller is found in the first round. One of the top names this year is Geno Smith, former quarterback for the West Virginia Mountaineers. Writer Dan Kadar from our SB Nation mothership happens to think Smith would be a perfect fit for the Cards.

Here is what he says:

Arizona Cardinals

Current pick: No. 7

Current QB situation: Kevin Kolb is on a big-money contract through 2016 and has battled injuries while in Arizona. At the very least, he may be forced to restructure his deal. That would have to be done by March 17 when Kolb is due a roster bonus. John Skelton's in the final year of his rookie contract. Ryan Lindley is on his rookie deal through 2015.

The logic: It may be a struggle for any quarterback to make it behind Arizona's porous offensive line. But don't forget, Kolb was undefeated in his first four games of the 2012 season. The Cardinals will probably stick with him if they can rework his contract. That would allow them to develop Lindley, who was disastrous when he played last season. Of note, former NFL scout Daniel Jeremiah thinks Smith goes to the Cardinals.

So, by Kadar's reasoning, if Kolb opts not to restructure his current contract, Smith could be the best option for the Cardinals. Many draft pundits have mocked Smith to the Cardinals and feel that his big arm would be a nice fit in Bruce Arians' offense.

The only things stopping the Cardinals from taking him are the Jacksonville Jaguars and Oakland Raiders. I don't see the Jags taking him, deciding to instead let Blaine Gabbert and Chad Henne go for another year until a better QB pops up in the next draft. As for the Raiders, they are likely to keep Carson Palmer on a restructured deal and take the same route as the Jaguars, waiting for next year's draft to take a young QB.

That could leave Geno Smith right in the lap of the Cardinals. The question will be how high he is on their board. They may see another player as a better fit for the team with their first round selection.

For now, it's all a bit unknown. We will just have to wait until draft day nears a bit closer to narrow down who the Cards have their eye on.