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Arizona Cardinals have pair of recent free agent busts

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The cutting of Stewart Bradley is the end of one of the worst contracts given out recently.


There is no doubt that the release of Stewart Bradley is disappointing on many levels. Bradley, by all accounts, a very nice and hard working guy. just didn't show something. He was given a big contract two years ago and was hoped to be the big, run-stuffing linebacker to play alongside Daryl Washington.

There was something that he didn't have. When he had time on the field in the preseason, he made plays. He struggled in 2011 to learn his new role in the 3-4 scheme. In 2012, defensive coordinator Ray Horton opted for the veteran Paris Lenon, who was a team captain.

The biggest disappointment was that he never even could get on the field, and it wasn't anything to do with health. In fact, he is one of two big free agent busts in recent history. SB Nation's Steven Muma lists Bradley and Derek Anderson as two of six bad signings in recent history.

Mentioned are Bradley, Anderson, Albert Haynesworth, Jake Delhomme, Jerry Porter and Javon Walker.

On Bradley:

Bradley never so much as started a game in two seasons with the Cardinals, making him a significant free agent bust for the franchise.

On Anderson:

After signing a two-year deal, Anderson lasted just one season with the Cardinals, and it was one plagued by poor performances and injury. He finished the 2010 season with seven touchdown passes and seven interceptions. Arizona released him in 2011.

There is no excusing what happened to Bradley, but I think to say that Anderson was a bust is a little too extreme. Yes, for us fans, it was a painful experience (although less so than 2011). He was not signed originally to be a starter. He was expected to be a backup. At two years and $7.25 million for a quarterback, that is not starter money. He was a disappointment, but he was not a bust. Matt Leinart should never have lost the job to him.

Where would you rank the Bradley signing among recent free agent busts?

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