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NFL Free Agency: David Carr, Jake Long, Andre Smith to the Arizona Cardinals?

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Pro Football Talk suggests that the Cards should bring in the former number one pick overall.

Well, free agency is going to begin soon (March 12) and everyone knows that the Arizona Cardinals need to address the quarterback position and the offensive line. Now, head coach Bruce Arians has said that the line is not "in the dire straits" that everyone thinks, even calling it better than the line he coached in Indianapolis. With Levi Brown returning, he believes that it is "more beautiful."

Pro Football Talk talked about the needs at quarterback and offensive line, and gave suggestions for free agent targets. On the line, Jake Long at left tackle and Andre Smith at right tackle. Those would be good options if the team didn't already have draft options and Bobby Massie (and Levi Brown to a lesser extent). Also, the Cards' salary situation is not such that they can go and get the bigger names. Plus, they have tried using free agency to build their line. Where has that gotten them?

There was a laugh out loud moment when they talked about the quarterback position. They actually suggested David Carr.

I guess they got tired of talking about the same guys -- Alex Smith (off the board), Matt Flynn, Matt Moore and the guys in the draft.

David Carr? I don't even know what to say. Ok, NO...NO...NO!

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