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Arizona Cardinals appear close to moving training camp to Glendale

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A switch from Flagstaff to Glendale for the Cardinals' annual training camp may be in order, according to team president Michael Bidwill.

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Christian Petersen

One of the most timeless traditions of Arizona Cardinals football is taking the pilgrimage from the Valley up to the cool weather of Flagstaff during the summer for a few days of training camp. The weather is awesome, the people that live there are accommodating and everyone has a great time.

Well, that may be changing pretty soon. Michael Bidwill, team president of the Arizona Cardinals, is working to move training camp to Glendale, which he says would be more accessible to fans. As you know, the Cards currently play their regular season games in Glendale at the University of Phoenix Stadium, where the new training camp would be held.

Bidwill met with Glendale mayor Jerry Weiers and 300 Glendale residents to put the idea out in the public. He noted that nothing is final as of now, but the move may be imminent at this juncture.

Not only is this bad news for Flagstaff (a city that collects around $10 million per year for their economy because of the event), but for traditional Cardinals fans as well. The 2-hour drive to the mountains was often worth it just to get out of the sweltering heat during the summer.

What do you think? It looks like we should get ready for training camp in Glendale this year and for many years to come.