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NFL Free Agent Grades: Arizona Cardinals drop in power rankings after signings

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There is no love for the Cardinals right now.


With the free agent frenzy that begins each offseason, there is talk about "winning March." The Arizona Cardinals were quite active, signing a whole bunch of players in position of need. However, these signings have not changed the perception of the team, especially with some high profile releases for salary cap purposes.

In ESPN's most recent power rankings, the Cardinals, who were previously ranked 27th in the league, actually dropped a couple of spots after free agency began.

The voting by the writers varied between 27th and 31st overall.

If you think about it from an outsider's perspective, such a ranking and drop is understandable. The defense was pretty good and the team dropped three starters from the secondary. Their biggest needs are at quarterback and on the offensive line, In free agency, they signed a career backup, cut the guy that led them to a 4-0 start in 2012 and have not done anything with the offensive line.

Thinking about it like that makes it clear, right? It stings a bit, but taking off your fan glasses you realize that a bad team did not improve on paper.

Reality and perception may be different, but what do you think about the ranking? 29th? That seem almost disrespectable.

However, it is not just a bunch of hate. Where would you put the Cards? By the way, you know who is number one? It isn't the 49ers or the Ravens. It is the Seattle Seahawks. Crazy, right?

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