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Bruce Arians to have starting QB by training camp, could the Cardinals not draft a QB this year?

Arians will not run the quarterback position like Ken Whisenhunt did.

Jason Miller

One of the things that was incredibly frustrating for fans with the time Ken Whisenhunt was head coach of the Arizona Cardinals was the way he handled the quarterback position. He treated the position like every other one and switched players using competition as the mantra. It worked for Kurt Warner, but that was it. After that it was a mess, in part because the players did not perform. However, you could argue that some did not get a fair shake on the field.

Bruce Arians spoke to the media on Tuesday on the subject and said it would be different under his leadership, as noted by Mike Sando.

"It's better to have one and he is your guy and let's rally around that guy," Arians said. "That is just my opinion. I have never been a two-quarterback guy."

He said that the position has to be treated differently than other positions, and that the team will know who the starter will be early.

"Oh yeah, ours will be done before we get to camp," Arians said. "Our quarterback will be named quickly. We'll just see what is all there when we start practicing."

Obviously, Drew Stanton has the leg up, as he already knows Arians' offense and has worked with him before.

However, these comments combined with the Kevin Kolb situation leads me to believe that it is no lock at all that the team will draft a quarterback at all this year, unless it is a project guy to develop.

The team has left the door open to Kevin Kolb to return. They signed Stanton. They have tendered Brian Hoyer. That doesn't leave room for a rookie QB. Arians also has said that when you draft a quarterback and think he will be your guy, he wants him out on the field from the start.

It was made clear to Stanton that he was going to have a shot at starting.

If the team is willing to bring back Kolb with Stanton and Hoyer already on board, it tells me that the team does not really believe in the quarterback class this year, which by all accounts is considered weak. Some reports say that the Cards could look to draft a quarterback in the second round. I'm sure that is possible, but if that is the case, he would probably be the guy starting, which would make signing Stanton nice as a backup, but by all accounts Stanton was brought to start.

Of course, general manager Steve Keim has been on the record saying that he believes in drafting a QB every year. Perhaps acquiring Stanton and retaining Hoyer is his acquisition this year.

Maybe since we all know that Kolb's returning is a long shot at best, perhaps they will draft someone. But the fact that the door was left open means to me that they don't love the guys in this draft and would rather Kolb than someone they draft this year. It just wouldn't make sense to sign Stanton, retain Hoyer, bring back Kolb and draft another guy.

In the end, at least there will be no drama at the quarterback position like there has been for two of the last three years. We will know who will start by the start of camp. That does not by any means guarantee success, but at least it takes away the weeks and months of debating who should start that otherwise would have happened.

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