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ROTB Roundtable: Off-season Grades, Free Agent Impacts, and Kevin Kolb

As Free Agency slows down, the Cardinals are suddenly finding themselves faced with several new questions.

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

The ROTB Roundtable took their swing at answering three of these.

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1) What grade would you give the Cardinals Front Office for their performance in the Off-season so far?

Tyler Nickel: I give the front office a B+ for their moves. They've trimmed the fat off the roster, signed good players to reasonable contracts and are building for the present and future. Would have been an A if they got more offensive line help.

Alex Mann:
B+ They were aggressive, and Keim said for the first time in several years they had created Free Agency board, similar to the one they have for Drafts. The new regime had a plan and executed that plan so that's automatically a C and the talent we acquire brings it to a B+.

Jess Root:
I'd have to give them a C. There is nothing spectacular in their deals, but they did keep from tying up too much money long term. Nothing bad, but nothing that stands out as a great move.

2) Which new Free Agent addition do you think will have the biggest impact on the team?

Tyler Nickel:
Probably Jerraud Powers. He looks to be a great compliment to Patrick Peterson and I think the secondary will be much improved from last season.

Alex Mann:
Stanton. No doubt Bell, Powers, and Cason will impact our secondary, but I'm leaning towardsDrew Stanton being our starter.

Jess Root:
As I have already written, I think it will be Jasper Brinkley or Lorenzo Alexander. Alexander will get to the QB and that will be huge. Brinkley will do exactly what the team needs him to do -- stuff the run.

3) Are you happy with the decision to cut Kevin Kolb? And as of right now, do you have any early predictions as to which QB's will make it to Training Camp?

Tyler Nickel:
I'm neither sad nor happy about cutting Kolb. I guess it was time to move on if he didn't want to restructure his deal. The QBs I think will be in training camp are Stanton, Hoyer and a drafted rookie. That means I think Skelton and Lindley will be cut. Time to move on from that trio of quarterbacks.

Alex Mann:
I'm split. I liked him and thought he had lots to offer, but at the same time his contract was not equivalent to the money he deserved for his play. My projections for the QB's would be Stanton, Hoyer, a rookie and either Lindley or Skelton.

Jess Root: I'm not happy that it came to this. I'm not happy they made the trade and paid him all that money only to see him keep getting hurt. But it made sense. It made it possible to make other improvements. Stanton looks like the clear starter, and I think Hoyer is the obvious number two and that Skelton and Lindley will battle for number three. I am beginning to think more and more that the Cards might not draft a QB this year, based on the fact that they were willing to have Kolb come back.