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Brian Hoyer signs second-round tender, will likely be with Cardinals in 2013

After signing his second-round tender, Brian Hoyer will receive $2 million of partially guaranteed money and is no longer able to shop his services.


On Wednesday, Brian Hoyer signed his second-round tender with the Arizona Cardinals, netting him $2 million.

The move was a relatively simple one for Hoyer, who was out of work for much of the season last year and now finds himself with a comfortable spot on the team. No other team was going to sign

There are a couple provisions with him signing his tender, though. First, he is no longer a free agent. That means he cannot shop his services to other teams anymore.

Also, the $2 million he is set to earn is only partially guaranteed. Per a tweet from Darren Urban of

If, for any reason, the Cards cut Hoyer at any point, he will not receive that entire sum of $2 million. Urban also cited that Hoyer signed a RFA tender with the Patriots last season and was later cut. He never saw all of the money he signed for from New England.

At this point, it looks as if Hoyer will start training camp as the #2 quarterback behind newcomer Drew Stanton. The only way that won't happen is if he is either promoted/demoted or traded, which I personally see as a distinct possibility.