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NFL free agency 2013: Cardinals looking to replace long snapper Mike Leach?

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Many long snappers have received deals this offseason, but the Cardinals' Mike Leach could be on the way out.

Christian Petersen

Mike Leach, oddly enough, is one of the more tenured players on the Arizona Cardinals. He was signed in 2009 to be the team's long snapper and has been ever since. He was a favorite of Coach Ken Whisenhunt and praised for his work ethic and leadership. Even though he may be more expensive since he is a vested veteran, he was worth it for the lack of blunders and his preparation.

Now, it seems the new regime might be moving on. According to various reports, the Cardinals are trying out new long snappers, including...

Leach is 36 years old and set to make $1 million in salary this season. The Cardinals could easily sign a younger player that would make half of that in salary for a job that is relatively easy compared to the other positions on the field.

All signs are pointing towards the end of the road for Leach in Arizona, but then again, I thought they were last offseason as well. We shall see if the veteran has the savvy to fight off the younger guys for yet another year.

Do you think Leach should be replaced or is he the type of veteran you would pay a little extra for to have on the team? Tell us in the comments section below.