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NFL rules changes: No more tuck rule and no crown of the helmet

A look at what the owners approved for the 2013 season.

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

After approving some rules on Tuesday to eliminate teams overloading one side of the line on field goals and extra point and peel-back blocks outside of the tackle box were made, they passed a few more rules changes.

The tuck rule has been repealed, but it won't go back and fix the play that was called in the Patriots/Raiders playoff game.

The biggest news, the league voted to penalize ball carriers using the crown of their helmet to deliver a hit outside the tackle box.

This will not eliminate all use of the helmet by ball carriers, but it will keep them from using the very top of their against defensive players.

The league specifically referred to a run by Trent Richardson

I see no problem with this. No one should use the top of their helmet on anyone.

Next up is the Jim Schwartz replay rule. A proposal would still penalize a team when the coach challenges a play that is automatically reviewed. However, it would not eliminate the review as it did previously.

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