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Madden 25 Cover Vote has Kurt Warner advancing

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As an old school possibility, the former Cardinals quarterback has a chance to be on the 25th anniversary cover of the famous video game.

Christian Petersen

Arizona Cardinals fans love football, love Kurt Warner and I bet that a ton of us love Madden the video game. Fans get to vote for the cover of the 25th anniversary cover of the game -- Madden 25. Kurt Warner has a chance to be on the cover, but will need our votes to move on past the second round.

Through March 27, we can go and vote for Warner, who is matched up against former New York Giants defensive lineman Michael Strahan. Vote here.

We already know that Cardinals fans are few and far between around the nation. That means we have to try a little harder to try and get him moved on. Of course, we have help from Rams fans. The only thing left to wonder is whether he would be on the cover as a Ram or as a Cardinal?