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NFL Free Agents 2013: Former Arizona Cardinals OL Rich Ohrnberger johns Ken Whisenhunt in San Diego

The veteran lineman played one season in Arizona.


The Arizona Cardinals lost a free agent to another team, although it was not one who likely was going to return. Offensive lineman Rich Ohrnberger, whom the Cardinals signed last offseason to serve as depth on the offensive line, has signed a contract with the San Diego Chargers.

He rejoins Ken Whisenhunt, who was fired as head coach of the Cardinals and is now the Chargers' offensive coordinator. He started four games last season in place of Adam Snyder was injured, and many fans felt he did a better job than Snyder did. He ended up on injured reserve like several lineman in 2012.

While this is not huge news to fans, as it was not expected for him to return, he did provide a small nugget of knowledge about NFL contracts. After signing his contract, he shared a tweet about something he found in the fine print.

Just to be clear, if an NFL player is dabbling in photography, the showers are not where he should practice.

Good to know.

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