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Differences Between Bruce Arians And Ken Whisenhunt Seem To Be Night And Day

While both came to Arizona following Pittsburgh Steelers offensive coordinator positions, they seem to have polar coaching ideals.

Karl Walter

In some ways, new Arizona Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians and deposed Ken Whisenhunt seem like two peas in a pod, both getting first time NFL gigs as the Arizona Cardinals guy after serving as offensive coordinator under Bill Cowher, preferring the vertical passing game and still trying to transform the franchise into "Pittsburgh West".

Yet, their means of accomplishing of such goals seems to more like oil-and- water combination..they just don't mix.

Whiz was tight-lipped pretty much about everything, whether it be the Beanie Wells sit down late last season after the running backs comment about "auditioning for other teams" or the Darnell Dockett refusal to lay down during the New York Jets loss. He was as media-friendly as Al Davis. Well, Al Davis, circa 2013.

Arians, on the other hand, has come off as a quote machine. If he has a thought, it's going to be heard. He's already moving the Buddy Ryan-over-the-top meter with his bursts about the offensive live being "one player away from a hell of a line", left tackle Levi Brown being "elite" and "not near being the dire straits everyone wants to make it out to be".

(If he he lets out a "You've got a winner in town!" proclamation, I may be arrested for assaulting an ugly red beret- wearing senior citizen.)

Even the roster building philosophy is opposite: Whiz liked dual RBs, little screen passes and competition heading into training camp - Arians is a solo three down blocking back, no fullback, and a starting quarterback named BEFORE camp. In fact, after Whisenhunt left the Steelers for AZ and Arians took over the reins he tore up Ken's playbook and simplified it for QB Ben Roethlisberger's perusal, per Tyler.

So, while on the outside, they may be appear to be identical twins, on the inside they're more of the Arnold/ DeVito fraternal type.

Only the mother can tell them apart.