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NFL offseason: O'Brien Schofield cleared to start running

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After having Darnell Dockett roll on his ankle last season, linebacker O'Brien Schofield is getting closer to being able to return to football.

Christian Petersen

In the midst of this sudden drought of news, Cardinals fans were greeted with a little good news on Friday from one of the current players on the team. Outside linebacker O'Brien Schofield announced on Twitter that he is getting closer by the day to returning to the field.

Schofield left during a week 10 game against the Packers last season in where Darnell Dockett unintentionally rolled on Schofield's ankle, causing him to miss the rest of the season.

Schofield is expected to be ready by the start of the season barring any major setbacks. He will join Sam Acho, Lorenzo Alexander and perhaps an additional draft pick in an outside linebacker group that has plenty of room to grow. Schofield picked up his game last season by finally getting a good grasp on Ray Horton's playbook and creating havoc on opposing quarterbacks.

The last five months have been tough for Schofield, but it seems that his hard work is finally beginning to pay off.