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NFL offseason: Adrian Wilson reflects on 2012 season with Cardinals, says being benched was a "coaches decision"

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Wilson feels great physically, excited to chase a ring with the Patriots.

Otto Greule Jr

One of the greatest Cardinals to ever put on the uniform has headed to New England to join Tom Brady and the Patriots in pursuit of his first ever Super Bowl ring. Adrian Wilson spoke to reporters on a conference call on Friday to talk about his level of excitement for the upcoming season and what his goals are with the Patriots.

More interestingly was what he said about his 2012 campaign in Arizona. According to Fox Sports Arizona, Wilson said that his being benched was "strictly a coaches' decision" and that he feels completely fine physically. Wilson has said that he still thinks he has at least three good years of football left in him and will be able to make a great contribution to the Patriots franchise.

What Wilson said isn't really big news, though. We know that he didn't bench himself in favor of Rashad Johnson and James Sanders. He is one of the few guys in the NFL that wants to be on the field for every single snap if at all possible.

What is surprising is his confidence in being able to make a big contribution at the age of 33. A-Dub keeps himself in phenomenal shape all year round, no matter if it is the offseason or playoffs. At his age, he has to in order to keep up with the younger players. Wilson has always had a quiet confidence, but if you watch his games from the past couple of seasons, a drop off in talent has been noticeable. It will be interesting to see if he is revitalized in Foxborough.

With Wilson feeling great and already having a good rapport with Coach Bill Belichick, we could be seeing a glimpse of the old A-Dub next season instead of old A-Dub that we saw in 2012.