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2013 NFL free agency: Brian Urlacher's agent reaches out to Arizona Cardinals; team has no interest

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The future Hall of Famer will not be playing 2013 as a Cardinal.


It has been a tough offseason for older players. One such player looking for work is linebacker Brian Urlacher. He and the Chicago Bears parted ways after they offered him a one-year, $2M contract, something Urlacher called "an ultimatum." Now he is looking to do better than that with another team.

On Friday, Urlacher was on the Dan Patrick Show and apparently told the radio host that his agent had spoken to a few teams, one being the Arizona Cardinals.

Whether it was the team or Urlacher's representation that initiated the inquiry, AZCentral Cardinals beat writer Kent Somers.

This makes sense. Urlacher has only ever played in a 4-3. The Cardinals are trying to get younger overall. Yes, they signed 35-year old Yeremiah Bell, but he is clearly a placeholder until a younger player moves into his place.

Plus, the team already filled the spot that Urlacher would occupy, playing alongside Daryl Washington. The Cards signed linebacker Jasper Brinkley.

Urlacher's agent may have spoken with the team, but it sounds like the team did not come looking.

Surely there will have to be a place for a player that is still one of the best at his position. He should still be playing. It just should not be for the Cardinals.

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