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2013 NFL Draft: Could the Arizona Cardinals select Tyrann Mathieu?

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The "Honey Badger" is trying to put personal problems behind him as he and former LSU teammate and current Cardinal Peterson, gear him toward the NFL draft.

Streeter Lecka

Tyrann Mathieu is an riddle wrapped inside an enigma.

The former LSU cornerback, nicknamed "Honey Badger" because of his ball-hawking skills despite his small stature, earned him 2011 Chuck Bednarik award for best college defensive back, all SEC first team and Heisman finalist.

A year later, he was suspended by the team for multiple infractions(failing numerous drug tests, being submitted to rehab) and missed the season.

Then, with his fledgling career possibly slipping through the hands that had made him -- he received one.

Arizona Cardinals and former teammate Patrick Peterson, along with former Baltimore Ravens and recently signed Houston Texan Ed Reed, reached out to him, trying to guide the 20 year old. Reed contacted Mathieu's uncle and aunt, who raised him and Peterson and his agent. Patrick, for his part, literally took him inside his house this offseason and tried to provide advice that only an older brother who has succeeded in the NFL (in which Mathieu views Peterson) could. He worked out with veterans and Peterson reminded him of a season's lost of route recognition and reads. He was strategically prepared to run the NFL rookie combine drills.

But did he learn life skills?

Cuz, no matter how fast you run (4.5 40), how strong you are (4 bench press reps) or high you can you jump (34 inch vertical) (and does anyone else see these metrics as bad for an undersized 5-9 186 CB with issues?) if you can't get past the drug problem.. you become another David Boston.

Right now, with all the butterfly and unicorn stories coming out about the Honey Badger, his stock has risen and people are talking about from him being a late round, mid round pick into a late second - third round selection. But with the Cards expecting Jamell Fleming to play more and the Jerraud Powers signing would the 69th choice be a wise one or a Honey Boo Boo?